The history of Open Joint-Stock Company The Engineering and Marketing Center of the Vega Corporation (The EMC of the VEGA Corporation) began in 1979 when the All-Union Interindustry Research Institute for Metal Corrosion Prevention (Russian acronym - VMNIIK) was established. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, VMNIIK was assigned a new name – the Institute for Corrosion. In1994, at the decision of the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation, the Institute for Corrosion was consolidated with the Special Polymers Research Institute, was renamed to the Special Polymers and Corrosion Research Institute (Russian acronym - NIISPK) and became a part of the Electronics Industry Sector.

In 2004 NIISPK integrated in the OJSC Vega Corporation, and in 2005, after its privatization, it was renamed to OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation, while retaining all the functions of a science and technological organization.††

By today, OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation has not only managed to maintain its original business lines, but has been actively engaging in new, trendy business activities in line with the demands of the Corporation and the market.†

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation actively participates in the Corporationís innovation activities and is the Corporationís official Innovation Center

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation is open for cooperation and is interested in establishing mutually beneficial relationships with motivated companies

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation has a sound sci-tech base feasible for the development and promotion of high-tech products in the market