RTLS Center

The RTLS Center is a hub where new technologies for the systems of real-time object location (RLTS) are being developed based on automatic identification wireless technologies. The Center concentrates on the development of Russian-made electronic devices and computer programs.†
The Center runs a complete production cycle for the production of wireless systems and networks:
• development of computer programs for the controlling and wireless microcontrollers;
• manufacturing of network devices: development of PCB layouts; selection of the appropriate components; automatic or semi-automatic assembly of printed circuit boards; product assembly, encapsulation and packaging;
• development of the server-side and client-side software;
• integration of computer programs into the existing software environment;
• selection of communication equipment and network interaction algorithms;
• system deployment, installation and component adjustment;
• technical support and system upgrade.

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation actively participates in the Corporationís innovation activities and is the Corporationís official Innovation Center

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation is open for cooperation and is interested in establishing mutually beneficial relationships with motivated companies

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation has a sound sci-tech base feasible for the development and promotion of high-tech products in the market