Radio Frequency Identification Center

The Radio Frequency Identification Center provides a full range of services in the development, prototyping, testing and implementation of RFID solutions to further perfect its customers’ business processes.† †
The RFID Center has been a member of Non Profit Organization AIM/UNISCAN since 2008, and a member of EPCglobal Joint Venture since 2009.
Our Areas of Development:
• intelligent systems controlling and managing vehicle inflow and outflow, integrated with the ERP systems;
• information systems for product authentication and identification, developed based on the NFC technologies;
• information systems for online interaction with social networks, developed based on the NFC technologies;
• RFID systems for product accounting and automation of business and logistics procedures;
• basic information and management systems for the positioning of moving objects in relation to stationary objects, based on RTLS technologies.

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation actively participates in the Corporationís innovation activities and is the Corporationís official Innovation Center

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation is open for cooperation and is interested in establishing mutually beneficial relationships with motivated companies

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation has a sound sci-tech base feasible for the development and promotion of high-tech products in the market