Radioprotective Materials Center

The Radioprotective Materials Center provides a full range of services in the development and production of radio wave absorbing fillers used in the manufacturing of construction materials with the properties able to reduce the effect of electromagnetic fields inside buildings; development and production of polymer- and metal-based radioprotective materials improving the radiation resistance of electronic equipment and ensuring safety of the personnel.
Business lines:
• development and production of radioprotective carbon-containing composites for radio wave absorbing fillers and coatings;
development and production of construction and finishing products for manufacturing of items with radioprotective properties (cellular concrete building blocks, cladding panels, sheetrock sheets, etc.), using radio wave adsorbing grouts and sealants;
development and manufacturing of lightweight radioprotective materials for the protection of electronic equipment from the effects of ionizing radiation;
development and implementation of technologies for the production of radio wave protective and radiation protective materials and structures with the desired parameters;
normalization of electromagnetic fields inside buildings based on the results of a study of electromagnetic environment; development of recommendations for the use of radioprotective materials and structures.

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