RFID Equipment Certification

RFID Equipment Certification

OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation is accredited by Not For Profit Organization Voenny Register (Military Register) as a voluntary Certification Authority. Accreditation Certificate No. ВР АА. 2.18.0037-2012, DD. 06/07/2012.
The Certification Authority OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation conducts certification and renders full range of services in the certification of electronic equipment, hardware and RFID systems. Certification is handled by the staff members of a dedicated division of OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation, its RFID Center.    

The Center’s objectives:  
• carries out voluntary certification of the sel ected facilities;
• issues Certificates of Compliance for the evaluated facilities;
• authorizes the use of the Compliance Mark by the evaluated facilities;
• conducts audit of the evaluated and certified facilities, provided such audit is included in the relevant certification program;
• maintains a register of issued Certificates of Compliance and regularly furnishes the Head Office with the data fr om the said register;
• suspends and terminates issued Certificates of Compliance.

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  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation actively participates in the Corporation’s innovation activities and is the Corporation’s official Innovation Center

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation is open for cooperation and is interested in establishing mutually beneficial relationships with motivated companies

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation has a sound sci-tech base feasible for the development and promotion of high-tech products in the market