Real-Time Object Location System Kontur-Set

Real-Time Object Location System Kontur-Set

The system, based on the local area wireless sensor network Kontur-Set, tracks movements of the personnel and customer as well as the position of equipment and valuable assets. The Object Location System Kontur-Set is capable of identifying a mobile object, equipped with an object ID, within the area restricted by the RFID readers. The System is designed to track people, vehicles, equipment, valuable plant assets, etc.

Areas of application:

Law enforcement agencies: 

• technical means of protection;

• information and controlling telemetry and sensor network systems;

• wireless controlling, diagnostic and monitoring systems;

• mobile systems deployed in emergencies or temporary systems for remote areas used in case a fixed infrastructure is not available.


• expedient positioning of intensive care equipment;

• positioning of patients.

Retail stores:

• positioning of customer in the sales area.


• tracking of the location of industrial containers, containers, pallets and consolidated cargo;

• monitoring of the temperature of perishable foods;

• instant positioning of tagged objects;

• positioning of warehouse forklifts.


• positioning of reusable containers during in-plant or interplant production cycle;

• positioning of forklifts;

• remote monitoring of production assets.

Mining industry:

• positioning of company employees;

• positioning of employees working in hazardous facilities;

• accident prevention.

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