Monitoring System for Healthcare Facilities Vega Monitoring System for Healthcare Facilities Vega
The software for the Monitiorig System for Healthcare Facilities VEGA is designed to manage controlled facilities from a single center. The system can be expandable (scalable) and can be enhanced with new features.  
The system can be implemented independently or can be integrated into the existing hospital’s information system.

RFID Service Bus RFID Service Bus

Software products for data input from rfid entifiers.
RFID Service Bus - specialized service for information systems and RFID equipment interoperability.

RFID Connector RFID Connector
To simplify, supplement or replace existing barcoding system, the RFID Center has developed a special RFID software component RFID Connector for emulation of an entered TID (identificator) tag or a smart-card in any word processor or directly in an information system.

Contact Contact
An information system designed for intaractions with social networks. With the advancement of global networks, social networks – the systems of communication and data exchange – have become an integral part of the present day human life. To boost the interest of the participants and visitors to your event, promotional campaign, or to provide a user-friendly visitor registration system at public events, campaigns and shows, our Company offers a dedicated CONTACT software and hardware systems for installation on the Customer’s premises.

Broadband Absorbers Vega-PPU Broadband Absorbers Vega-PPU
The piramidal Vega-PPU broadband electronic radiation absorbers with polyurethane filler are designated for finishing of the interior of shielded and anechoic chambers for minimization of electromagnetic wave reflection from the walls, ceiling and floor.

The Automated Unified Register of Intellectual Property (AURIP) automated system is designed for unification and automation of major processes employed in the IP management throughout all the stages of the IP lifecycle.

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  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation actively participates in the Corporation’s innovation activities and is the Corporation’s official Innovation Center

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation is open for cooperation and is interested in establishing mutually beneficial relationships with motivated companies

  • OJSC The EMC of the Vega Corporation has a sound sci-tech base feasible for the development and promotion of high-tech products in the market